Will Eye Drops Before Latisse Help Protect the Eye?

I have been placing a drop of eye lubricant in each eye about two  minutes before applying Latisse, in the hope that it might offer a bit of protection against any absorbtion in the eye since it would already be fully hydrated. Any logic to my theory? Thank you.

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Eye drops before Latisse will not protect the eye

Eye drops before Latisse will not protect the eye. It’s not recommended that people use eye drops before Latisse because it may actually get the product in the eye.

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Don't use extra eyedrops when applying Latisse

You don't need to use additional eye drops. Latisse is to be applied on the skin next to the lash line.

By instilling eye drops prior to using Latisse you could actually cause the product to move from the area it is supposed to be applied.

Latisse is to be applied to dry skin. Lubricating drops can interfere with the absorption into the hair follicle and could also cause the product to spread to other areas of the eyelid (potentially causing unwanted darkening).

Keep it simple. Clean dry skin on the eyelid will allow the product to work correctly and efficiently/

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Needless Latisse protection

You do not need to lubricate your eyes before applying Latisse IF you apply it properly. Latisse is SUPPOSED to be applied sparingly ONLY to the junction of the lashes with the upper lid. It is NOT supposed to be applied to the eye at all or to the lower lid. An argument may be made that IF your lubricant reaches the edge of the upper lid, it may prevent contact between Latisse and the lash follicles thereby interfering with the action of Latisse.

For the most informative page on LATISSE on the web, visit the link below -

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