Do You Have to Use Official Latisse Applicator?

why can't an eyeliner brush be use to apply latisse. uses less product

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Latisse applicator

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I suggest using the applicators that come with Latisse. The recommended usage is one applicator per eye, but some of my patients tell me that they use one for both eyes and then dispose of that applicator.

It’s recommended that you use the official Latisse applicator

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It’s recommended that you use the official applicator because that is how you know your are getting the exact dosage to grow the lashes. The applicator was also designed to help prevent getting the product into the eye. Also, Latisse was studied using the official applicator, not by any other method. With any other applicators you just don’t know what you may get.

You CAN use a small Brush to apply less Latisse - But Allergan does not Recommend it (want you to)

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The OFFICIAL recommendation of Allergan is that you should use one brush PER eyelid one time. Doing anything else deviates from official company recommendations. That being said, a lot of women use smaller brushes to stretch Latisse to two months per kit. And it works just fine.

Be careful about potential cross contamination of the eyelids and change brushes frequently.

To see THE MOST comprehensive page on LATISSE on the Internet, click on the link below -

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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