PIH After Use of Retin-A on Thighs?

Hi, I'm 25 years old and I started using retin-a on my thighs for some discoloration I had. After a week of use I developed really brown, burnt skin. I am brown skin but never had this. Its been over a year and my thighs are two-tone. You can actually see the line of demarcation from where I did and didn't use the retin-a. The skin is not keloid or hard. Its soft but darker than my outer thighs. I have tried vitamin e, amlactin, and most types of oils recommended for scars. Would peels or lasers work?

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PIH After Use of Retin-A on Thighs

Did someone prescribe the Retin-A for your thighs? My assumption is "no" and you self-prescribed this, which is not good. Products need to be used on specific regions of the body and not everything can be used everywhere, or you can have severe issues, like you've experienced. In no way should Retin-A be used on the body, unless it's done under the supervision of a physician and with VERY specific directions. None of the products you are using for the scars and discoloration are going to do a darn thing. You need to get into a dermatologist for an in-person consultation.

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