If I develop axillary web after miradry should I let it resolve itself or see a doctor?

I had the first miradry procedure a little over 3 weeks ago and for the past week I've been having pain in my right arm when I move it. I can feel the cords (webbing) I believe it is axillary web syndrome. Others on this forum have said that it should resolve itself but it's painful. Should I see a doctor or let it be? I can't see the webbing but I can definitley feel it. My left arm is completely fine. I've tried ibuprofen, ice, and massage and its still causing me trouble

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Absolutely, you should always follow up with your provider.  He or she can advise you further.  This will resolve in time... I have never seen it be a permanent issue.  Massage, warm compresses, and anti-inflammatories will help as well.  

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Thanks for this important question. Axillary webbing tends to occur in thinner patients and will resolve with time. I suggest you contact your provider, but some of the advice on the previous answers is very good. IF still present after 8 weeks consider a small injection of cortisone. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Axillary web after miraDry is rare but can occur

Topical heat and ibuprofen as well as Bromelain will help reduce the inflammation along with regular gentle massage and upper extremity range of motion exercises will help reduce this exaggerated scar response. 

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Axillary cords after miraDry

Cords or bands can develop in the armpit area after the miraDry procedure, and these can take some time to resolve.  After I had the procedure done myself, I had some cords (more on one side than the other) that took two months to disappear on the milder side, and the last traces are still there on the other.  Gentle massage and stretching seemed to help a little.I've seen the webbing happen more frequently in my patients with thinner armpits, and it takes up to several weeks for those bands to go away.  Usually it's just a feeling of tightness - often not bothersome at all to patients - but if you're having pain three weeks later, you should have your doctor take a look.Take care,Dr. Lim

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Axillary Webbing

Thank you for your question.
I would recommend seeing your practitioner. Axillary webbing can occur after the Miradry procedure and will settle on its own but if is  causing you pain I would seek advice from your practitioner.

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MiraDry Side Effects

If you feel like you are developing a side effect from any procedure it is important to always return to your doctor for follow up.  Axillary webbing can be a side effect that can be managed with massage. Pain is not typical three weeks post MiraDry.  Continue with massage, ibuprofen, warm compresses and see your doctor who performed the treatment.  Good Luck!

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