Grid pattern hypopigmentation visible capillaries and irregularities in the skin. What can I do?

3 and a half years ago i had emerge frac laser 4 treatments in total. It has already beeb confirmed to me that i was over treated and i have thermal damage. Ive had 7 skin needling treatments. Dermaroller and dermapen with minimal improvement. Using vit A vit C antioxident serums every day . Im desperate now the one cheek was so damaged and is flat and scarred now what can i do. Seen loads of derms no one has had a solution

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Make sure you are always using sunscreen with high SPF and you are taking good care of your skin. There are few options for hypopigmentation such as ink tattooing, as well as options for remaining scars. Sometimes it takes time, but you should keep looking to find an expert with experience who knows and is willing to help you. Good luck! 

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Hard to treat, gentle treatment advised

Once again impossible to comment without a photo, but not only that, a very close magnified examination. I treat at least 2-3 'grids' caused by lasers or needling ( and yes, I have caused them myself). The question is how to fix. Time has been the main healer, but in your case you have given plenty - 3.5 years. Sometimes I use a fully ablative laser, (See my before and after pics for full explanation), other times high density 1927 Fraxel, or low dose Fraxel (C and B) with copper peptides, it really depends on the depth, severity, density, skin type, and skin colour. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Grid pattern hypopigmentation visible capillaries and irregularities in the skin. What can I do?

Thanks for your query.  You can apply tacrolimus cream over the hypo pigmented patches and observe for a while. You should apply proper sun block and moisturize it well. If you have uneven sides, you can get fat grafting done to even out the sides and for the scars you can consider surgical dermabrassions. You can consult a plastic surgeon for better result. Hope it helps.

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Problem from a laser, now what?

It is hard to say what is going on and what to do without pictures. Hypopigmentation is a very difficult problem to fix. I would try PRP and microneedling. Possibly using the Infini is helpful. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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