Icon Erbium Glass laser for acne scars? Or Fraxel? What is the difference and what works best? (photos)

I was also recommended to try a few chemical peels and rollerblading before trying the laser to treat my scars. Any recommendations on that?

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Icon Erbium Glass laser vs Fraxel

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Icon Erbium Glass laser is fractional lasers that has ablative and non-ablative capabilities that allow it to treat epidermal and dermal skin imperfections, therefore it can be great for acne scars. On the other had Fraxel is a brand of lasers and they have a line of lasers such as Fraxel Dual, Fraxel Re:fine, Fraxel Re:Store, Fraxel Re:pair. The best option for you would be superficial laser resurfacing, followed by the fractional laser treatment, in combination with chemical peels. This will minimize your down time and give a significant result. It is more important to choose the right provider since there are many lasers out there that will deliver desired results. You have to make sure to choose someone with experience to minimize the risk of side effects and complications. Good luck!

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