I have a lot thin white hairs like peach fuzz on the hairline. Is it possible for it to thicken with PRP+acell?

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The difference of vellus hairs that are naturally thin, and terminal hairs that thin in pattern hair loss but can be thickened

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Thank you for your question. You state you have a lot of fine peach fuzz along your hairline and you’re asking if PRP and ACell can thicken those hairs.

Just a bit of info about myself — I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and a Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, practicing in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years. I’m also the founder of Trichostem™ Hair Regeneration centers, which offer an alternative non-surgical hair loss treatment system using PRP and ACell we have developed over the years.

The peach fuzz that you describe is called vellus hair. It’s important to understand that this is not hair that has remained after your hair has thinned. In fact, any hair that is in front of thick terminal hairs that isn’t thinning will naturally look very fine and short. The diameter of vellus hair is around 0.03 millimeters, compared to terminal hair which is about 0.06 millimeters.

In our practice, we use the Trichostem™ Hair Regeneration treatment for men and women with pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. With this type of hair loss, hair starts thick and grows progressively thinner with each subsequent hair cycle. Fortunately, with Hair Regeneration, we are able to stop the progression of thinning, reactivate hairs that are not growing, and stimulate thinning hairs to grow back thicker.

Now, in your case, if the fuzz that you see is not hair that became that way after the hair thinned, then that means it is native vellus hair, which was never destined to be a thicker terminal hair in the first place. Hair Regeneration will not make a difference on these types of hairs.

The combination of PRP and ACellular matrix in Hair Regeneration is intended for wound healing, and with pattern hair loss, there is a concept or perception of some type of damage or degeneration that is perceived as an injury, and is part of the reason why Hair Regeneration works so effectively. This, of course, does not mean that you can take just any hair or any skin and make it thicker, because when we treat people with hair loss, we’re correcting a growth cycle that is going in a downward way; we’re correcting a diminishing cycle, which means that there is room for improvement.

The effectiveness of Hair Regeneration, however, is still limited by the presence of hair and degree of hair loss. As such, the goal is to treat people as early as possible, because the more hair there is, the better the results. If your hair loss reaches a point wherein all that is left is a little bit of fuzz, you may be able to thicken them a little bit with Hair Regeneration, but the improvement will not be dramatic.

So, in sum, if you’re dealing with normal, native vellus hair, Hair Regeneration or ACell with PRP will not make a difference. If you’re dealing with hair that used to be thick and is now thinning, then Hair Regeneration can make a difference, depending on the individual. When we finish our evaluation, we try to be as clear as possible as to the potential benefit of a treatment like Hair Regeneration.

I hope that was helpful and I wish you the best of luck!

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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PRP and ACell and Hair Growth

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The studies are still out in evaluating the best effects of PRP with and without Acell for hair growth.  PRP is very popular as it has been shown clinically by patient's responses to grow and thicken hair.  It has not been shown to grow vellus hairs.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

PRP for hair thickening

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PRP has been shown to not only thicken individual hairs but also add more hair.  There is no clear evidence tht acell adds anything to PRP treatments.  More research is being done to assess PRP treatments, but most surgeons who perform this treatment have reported results. 

Kevin Ende, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

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PRP for vellus hairs

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In my opinion, PRP is excellent at thickening terminal hairs and decreasing hair loss. The small white hairs that you're describing are vellus hairs. In my experience , PRP is not very helpful at turning vellus hairs into terminal hairs. I do believe it is possible, but not common.  I don't believe  there is a difference between the effects of PRP vs PRP plus Acell in transformation of vellus hairs.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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