Can the side effects of TCA be permanent?

This tca peel was done by me, at home, not by a doctor! under 15%. Can a tca peel done "improperly" at "home" cause hair loss and hypopigmentation?(white streaks in skin/beard) What can i do if this is the case? =( If it can't cause hair loss even if done improperly please be clear and specific. Look closely at the whiter areas in the picture. Peel was 1 year ago. These are only "after pictures," this week. 'Recommendations' otherwise for improving my skin please? Help. I use tazorac and duac.

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TCA peels

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TCA peels are an excellent choice for physician treatment of discolorations on the face. TCA peels should only be performed by a physician and not at home. There are risks if not performed correctly.

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

TCA Peel

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It is very hard to tell from this picture. First of all, you can cause damage with a low percentage if done improperly. Hair loss results from scarring. Hypopigmentation can result from any peel. The pictures are hard to see and there are other things that can be going on. I recommend seeing a Dermatologist immediately.

Tracy Kuykendall, MD
Tulsa Dermatologist

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