Is It Possible to Get a Permanent Indent for a Flat Philtrum Through Plastic Surgery?

The indent where my philtrum is suppose to be is flat. I've read many threads about philtrum reduction but never one about someone getting philtrum surgery from scratch. This and maybe a Cupid's bow is the only thing I've ever wanted to have sculpted. I would like to know of any doctors who perform this surgery close to the Midwest preferred, but I'm definetely willing to travel. I am especially interested in getting a permanent philtrum. Thanks for answering.

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The Elusive Philtral Column

Your question is a good one. The answer is based in the literature for secondary cleft lip reconstruction. There are numerous well documented techniques that all experienced Plastic Surgeons should know. Recreating a philtral column and creating a philtrum dimple are parts of the same procedure. Creating a cupid's bow is a bit more elusive but is still possible. Most cleft surgeons would consider it amateurish to put foreign material of any kind into a lip to create contour.

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Philtrum and Cupid's Bow dermal sculpture

Thanks for your question!

I suggest seeing a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is skilled with using dermal fillers and being assessed for lip sculpturing with dermal fillers. It's not a permanent solution, but based on what you describe I think it is the best approach to your problem.

Be sure to find someone who understands what you are after and have a frank discussion with your surgeon or physician about the outcome you are after.

Good luck! JT

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