How to Get Longer-Lasting Teeth Whitening Results?

What to do to prevent rebound? why laser teeth whitening seems only to last for a week or a month instead of the 1 or 2 years people promise? Also can people eat honey the day i had a laser teeth whitening treatment?

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Long lasting bleaching results are like working out

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I often am asked this question by patients interested in brightening their smile.  They want to know how quickly they will get results and how long those results will last and what their maintenance will be like.  I explain that tooth bleaching is exactly like working out with a personal trainer or just on your own.  It's unrealistic to think that you can eat junk food all day for years then go see a personal trainer and after one hour session, you'll have a rock hard body.  Predictable bleaching takes usually two weeks with one or two in office sessions if your teeth are darker especially.  Once you're whitened, avoiding staining foods (anything that would stain a white shirt applies here) will help prolong your results.  For long term color stability, I recommend that my patients whiten at home once every month or so for one night to maintain their color.  If they have habits that make their teeth stain faster (big coffee, tea, red wine drinkers or smokers), they may have to do maintenance a bit more often.  It is rare that anyone needs to come back in and go through the in office session again, if they are good about their own maintenance.

Chicago Dentist

Make Teeth Whitening Last Longer

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You can make your home teeth whitening (or any whitening including Deep Bleaching or Deep Whitening) last longer with a few simple steps. 

I see in my patients who stay their whitest, that they are doing a little bit of whitening very frequently. I would say one to two days every two weeks. You could consider even one day per week. This gradual constant re-whitening will help offset any of the stains that you naturally absorb into your teeth from your diet.

Teeth whitening lasting effects

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While you are having your teeth whitened in the dental chair a little bit of dehydration takes place and that makes the tooth look whiter. Once you resume normal activites there will be a rebound in the acquired shade. How long that shade last is directly related with your diet and home care . Avoiding staining foods and smoking during the first week helps maintain the color as well as permanent use of an electric toothbrush.

Bleaching strips either given by your dentist or purchased over the counter are a great and easy option for color maintenance

Laura Torrado, DDS
New York Dentist

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Some teeth whitening effects are from dehydration

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Some systems out there use a process that heats up the teeth.  During the procedure, the teeth dehydrate, which gives a very short term whitening effect.  Within a few days it may appear that nothing has changed.

A better process is what dentists commonly refer to as "Deep Bleaching" or KöR Whitening.  It is not a single visit, but the results are the best I have ever seen and last longer as well.

Why laser teeth whitening has not lasted longer

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You do not mention your age or the color of your teeth before you had your in office teeth whitening procedure.. It may take a few times with the whitening system and the  light or laser before the optimal results show.  if you are older or your teeth were not white to begin with, it may take more than a few times to bring the color up to the results you want. Also you need to use take home whitening along with this for the best resilts.  I would be careful after the whiteing with red wine, tea, coffee and other stain causing drinks, but am assured honey is not the problem. Go back and check with your dentist what product he used and tell him you are unhappy wtih your results! 

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Longer lasting results with Power Bleaching

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Never heard of any negative effects from honey. You should avoid staining foods for 24 hours such as red wine, cranberry juice, and mustard. It is best with Power Bleaching to follow the in office procedure with take home trays to boost the whitening effect more and for period maintenance every 3-6 months.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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