Contour TRL level 2 600-800 microns. The laser hit my cupids bow! How will this recover? Day 5 after facial resurface. (Photo)

Here is a picture today (day 6)

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Thank you for your question. You may be finished experiencing some of the bruising and burning that is most prominent in the initial hours and day following the laser skin resurfacing procedure. The lip area will heal like the other areas - fresh looking skin will shin through after the most superficial layer of skin is removed. Please follow your board certified facial plastic surgeon's recovery techniques.
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Redness After Co2 laser -- Needs Appropriate Wound Care

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Wound care is important at this time. Ablative laser over the lips will give great improvement but needs proper wound care.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Lip resurfacing

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Thank you for submitting a photo with your question. Lips typically heal very well and actually faster than the cutaneous skin.  Hang in there and give it some time.

Hope this helps!
Dr. Quenby Erickson

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