Why aren't royal jelly pills recommended for breast enlargement?

No way you doctors don't know. I know and others know. My breast increased almost a whole cup size then I stopped using them. I rather continue using such a beneficial pill as long as I can than be lied to by doctors who will always suggest surgery no matter what. Isosentuals worked for my sis but I'm positive you all would advise against it. I'd be shocked if this gets posted. Why the "greed code? Why not let us know the truth. If youll honestly ignorant pls don't tell ppl "I'm a doctor I know"

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Royal jelly beans for breast enlargement

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Thank  you for this very important question. Studies from Columbia University have shown deleterious effects such as  anaphylactic shock. There is also  the potential for the growth of breast cancer cells which is ominous. There are many purported beneficial effects of royal jelly beans however nothing has been scientifically proven yet. I encourage you  to research this on your own.  I understand your positive experience with royal jelly bean.  Please weigh the potential side effects versus your positive experience.   Thank you for bringing this very important matter to our attention. Best wishes!

Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon
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Isosentuals cream to increase breast size

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OK, I'll bite.
I sense a great deal of anger in your post with accusations and implications about doctor's ethics. I wonder what motivates this?
I don't know about "Isosentuals", but I do know a bit about surgery and medicine. There is no topical cream that causes a breast to increase in size, or tummies to flatten, or to make cellulite go away. You can spend your money on many things with promises. So if inclined spend it. When that fails there will certainly be a board certified plastic surgeon willing to help.
Good luck

Mark Eberbach, MD
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Breast Enlargement Pill

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Any pill that would enduce breast enlargement is most likely due to a hormonal effect and this can be dangerous. I would advise you to research it further. Best of luck to you.

Dell Smith, MD
Twin Falls Plastic Surgeon
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