Why Would Patients Need to Wear Invisalign Longer Than 2 Years?

Would patients need to wear invisalign longer because they were not able to wear their invisalign 20 hours a day? Or did their teeth need more trays and more time to get the expected results? What other factors can lengthen the average time?

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Invisalign over 2 years

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Invisalign would take 2 years if more advanced movements were needed. Significant crowding or rotating teeth can require more trays as well as someone who is not wearing them as recommend.  2 years of treatment is longer than average but does occur


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Length of Invisalign treatment depends on the starting point

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If teeth are mostly straight, there is not much movement needed.  However, if teeth are very crowded, crooked or a LOT of movement is needed then treatment can last much longer.  Each aligner moves a tooth about 0.2 mm, so if a tooth needed to move 4 mm, then 20 aligners would be needed just for that movement alone.  Sometimes teeth need to be held in place while other teeth move, so more aligners are needed.  Rotations of teeth are unpredictable and can be very slow.  Some cases can last much longer than 2 years, so the 2 years is more of an average.

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