Does Need for a Frenectomy Disqualify Me from Invisalign?

I was told multiple things by different dentists and I don't know which is true. I was told that: 1) I can't use Invisalign because my top, front gap is caused by the frenum, and traditional braces are necessary to overcome that. 2) I can use Invisalign, and there are no special needs. 3) I should have the frenectomy at the beginning of treatment or the teeth won't move. 4) I should have the frenectomy at the end of treatment because scar tissue can prevent the gap from being closed.

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Frenectomy first, Invisalign second..!

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There,,,your mystery is solved..The frenectomy will heal in about a week,then you can do the molds of your teeth for invisalign which will be able to close the gap.. Dont do traditional braces,they are hard to live with and can cause gum disease and enamel damage. Invisalign is much easier to wear.

Los Angeles Dentist

Frenectomies are common with Invisalign treatment

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For many, the reason they seek orthodontic treatment is due to their gap between their front teeth and a common reason for a gap is the pressure exerted from a frenum attachment.  Opinions vary on when to do a frenectomy, but I prefer to do them before treatment.  The pressure is removed and it becomes easier for the teeth to move.  Teeth will still move if the frenectomy isn't done until the end, but it may make the treatment last longer.  If the frenectomy is NEVER done, the gap is likely to appear again after treatment

Frenectomy and Invisalign

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Both procedures will work together, from experience , the best recommendation is to do the frenectomy first. Wait for everything to heal nicely and then get started with Invisalign. After braces are done you will wear retainers every night to keep your smile beautiful and straight.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Frenectomy with Invisalign

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Heck NO. It just means you and your Orthodontist and periodontist(or whomever is preforming your frenctomy) will need to be very coordinated to ensure the best results for your particular case and that is is cost and time efficient.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Frenums and Invisalign therapy

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Frenums do not preclude Invisalign therapy in most cases.  The frenum  does need to be modified to allow the teeth to move easier and stay together after treatment.  Definitely better to do the frenectomy at the beginning of treatment I would recommend.  Your orthodontic care giver and your dentist should work together on this if they are different people.  Good luck!

Frenectomy and invisalign

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Frenectomy and invisalign are compatible procedures.  It is best to thane the frenectomy done first.  Frenal attachments are muscle attachments that can prevent teeth from being in the right place and cause them to move apart.  Fenectomy procedure will help invisalign work better and quicker and be more effictive

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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