Will passive aligner in invisalign treatment pull my teeth back together?

I had a mid correction and on aligner 5 the upper ones moved to be passive (the bags say passive). I was in the impression that my teeth will not be moving anymore after that, and we will just wait the lower teeth to be done. However, last visit, when I went to get aligner 6,7 and 8, she said the upper teeth will now pull back in and closer together. She made a gap between my front teeth which worries me. I called her later and she still claims that they will now move so that gap will be gone.

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Passive aligners vs over correction trays

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It certainly sounds like you are talking about overcorrection trays  rather than passive aligners.  Passive aligners do not do anything while overcorrection trays actually pull your teeth closer together.  Good luck

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Your Invisalign treatment should close up your gaps in the front with no worries.

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Often times, a dentist will make a temporary gap between certain teeth in order to move them closer together later on.  This technique usually relieves crowding in other areas of your mouth. I would not worry about your bag saying "passive."  It sounds like the bigger issue here is the communication between your dentist and you.  If you provide more details, I'm here to answer more of your questions, but your dentist is probably your best first resource.   

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