Touch up procedure.

hi, i recently had a bbl done and fat removal in my arms, back and transfer to my butt and breast, even though I'm happy with my results (4 months) my breast still look the same and there is one side under my left armpit that sticks out a lot more than the other. the question is, is the doctor responsible for fixing this, or do i have to pay again to get this fix? i did pay over 12k for my procedure.

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Touch up after fat graft to breasts

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Hello!You are 4 months out and I usually tell my patients that result of fat transfer is usually settled around 3 months. I would guess you are seeing a final result. I tell my patients they should only anticipate increase in breast size by 1/2cup to a full bra cup size. Results with this technique are conservative and in no way would compare with the results a breast implant would provide. I hope this was explained to you prior to surgery.I would recommend you see your plastic surgeon back and discuss your concerns. Each surgeon has his/her own policy about procedures after the primary procedure.In most cases there is at least a surgical facility fee if that is necessary for the revision.Best of luck!

Breast augmentation

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A breast augmentation in my opinion is best done with implants for a reliable result. The policy for touch-ups, etc.  should be discussed with your doctor.

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