Tear trough? Eye bag? After sculptra! I need help! (photo)

I just done ultherpy & sculptra 2.5 weeks ago. Ultherpy on 7/14, & sculptra on 7/18. This's my 2nd time for sculptra, the 1st time was two years ago. 1st time was great. This time Doc injected to my smiling line, temple, and cheeks. But i noticed the tear trough is showing after injection. OMG I look older after injection!!! Doc said because the injection on the cheek that caused the fat moved it up & will go back to normal after 7 to 10 days. Its been 14 days, it still there.

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Under Eye Bags-Post Sculptra injection

I suggest consulting with an expert cosmetic surgeon to reduce under eye puffiness. Results from Sculptra will take 6-8 weeks to see final results but using a radiofrequency device for skin tightening will improve the appearance along with sterioid injections like Kenalog and 5fu should reduce the baggage. Best, Dr. Berger

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I don't use Ultherapy in my office, but I would consider  it the more likely culprit here. If you look through Realself reviews of Ultherapy, people complain about it reducing the fat in their face. Removal of fat cells is a known effect of heat treatments done with ultrasound (or radiofrequency, or coolsculpt). This looks like you lost volume under your eye, which wouldn't happen from Sculptra. If it is volume loss or fat reduction from Ultherapy then the treatment would be to fill it. I agree with the other providers that Sculptra should not be used under the eyes, but it can be used deep in the cheek. As already mentioned, it takes longer than a week for Sculptra to stimulate collagen, so the timing makes Ultherapy look like the bad guy here to me.

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Sculptra around eye leaving a bump?

It is too early to have collagen formed from the Sculptra. I do put it in this area but very deep. I would see how things settle down and look at 6-8 weeks. 5FU and Kenolog can be injected to help if needed.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Sculptra and Results

I do not suggest putting sculptra under eye or around the eye as there is high risk of developing lumps/bumps. Venus Legacy and 5fu/steroid injections may help reverse the effects, I suggest seeking a facial contouring expert.  It takes a few weeks to settle down so give it time before deciding on treatment.  Fraxel or clear+brilliant can also give improvement.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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