Can Having a Partial Hysterectomy Fix Melasma?

I have had hyperpigmentation on my face for over 4 years now, and have tried "everything" to get rid of what is already there, but also find ways to stop getting it. I am on Retin-A for the cosmetic symptoms but my question is, since from my understanding this is a hormonal problem, would getting a partial hysterectomy finally fix the reasons why I get this at all?

I am extrememly sun smart (for the last 4 years anyway), I have endometriosis, I have a 3 year old child, my ethic background is Lebanese, Russian, and French, my skin colour is "white" (I would say yellow), and I have dark hair, and I now live in QLD, Australia - one of the highest UV factors in the world. Thanks in advance.

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Hysterectomy for Melasma

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Although we feel the mechanism of developing melasma is "hormonal", no one knows the exact hormone(s) responsible for causing melasma, why some women on birth control or pregnant get it, and others don't. Likewise, why do some men get it? Partial or complete removal of the uterus won't make a difference with respect to melasma. Although the uterus has receptors for hormones, as an organ, it does not produce any hormones. So any type of hysterectomy would not effect the course of melasma.

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