Should I dress or let my wound air after breast reduction op.? (photos)

I had uplift and breast reduction op. Almost 4 weeks ago. 5 days ago the inscison opened up and Is quite large, i have been dressing it with gauzes and keeping it clean but it is not drying out and is wet and oozing a little. I have read lots on airing wounds so it will form a scab quicker,,problem is Iam in a hot country and am sweating a bit, do I dress this wound or let it air??

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How to dress wounds after a breast reduction

Thank you for your question and these types of wounds do occur on occasion.  It is hard to tell if you have an infection or not but this will require extensive wound care for several weeks and it is beyond the scope of this forum to discuss this here.  You will need to see your surgeon and arrange for daily wound care or go to a wound care clinic.  This will heal but it will take time and patience and it usually looks worse than it will after if heals.  I recommend that you not let it "dry out" but you keep it moist and clean which will allow it to heal faster.

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Breast reduction - how to manage open wound

Thank you for asking about your breast reduciton.
  • Your photos suggest that you have an infection -
  • You need to contact your surgeon for advice and arrange to be seen.
  • Until you contact your surgeon, daily showers and a dry dressing are usually the best management.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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