How Do I Properly Sit on the Boppy Pillow After BBL Surgery?

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Sitting after a BBL

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I do not think there is a great answer for this becuase no one really knows how long you shoudl avoid sitting on your bottom. I think after two weeks or so it is probably ok, just do not stay in one position too long.

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How do I properly sit on the boppy pillow after a brazilian butt lift operation.#Brazilian Butt lift#boppy pillow

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After performing a number of Brazilian butt lifts, I always advise my patients to not sit on their butts for at least 3 to 4 weeks.  Only after this time do I recommend to begin sitting on their posterior thighs at first.  The boppy pillow still places pressure on the buttocks which could affect fat graft take to the regions involved.  I would recommend placing a pillow under your thighs rather than using this type of pillow.  It would take off the pressure of the buttocks directly assisting in graft take thus a longer and more successful fat graft take. 

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