Painful Scar Two Years Post Breast Lift

I had a breast lift/reduction done almost 2 years ago. The scar on one side is still painful, itchy and it has been two years since the surgery. I was told it was not keloid, as it is almost flat, but it is still very pink. What can be done and will this painful sensation disappear even though it is still present after almost two years?

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Painful itchy scar after breast lift

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This appears to be a hypertrophic scar, which is much more common than a keloid scar. It is red, raised, itchy, and sensitive. Injection with Kenalog usually improves the symptoms rather quickly, though a series of monthly injections may be required to flatten the scars. The scars even if flat do stay wide, so scar revision together with some measures to try and reduce the risk of recurrence may be indicated in order to try to improve the appearance. Some people have a genetic tendency to heal with these scars, and sometimes in one area and not another, though infection and delayed healing can cause them as well.

Breast scars

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Certainly the scars could be revised, and this may lead to thinner scars, if there is not a lot of tension placed on them.  But, it may or may not improve the pain.

Scars after breast lift

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These scars are not keloids.  They are spread and dark.  An exam would be necessary to tell if kenelog would help.  Silicone sheeting is something that you can do on your own that has no risk.

Neal Goldberg, MD
Westchester Plastic Surgeon

Treating scars with steroids can help

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The symptoms you describe can sometimes be manages with a steroid (Kenalog) injection into the scar - your plastic surgeon should be able to do this for you at minimal charge to you. Scar massage for a few minutes a day can also be helpful.

Steroids may work

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Sometimes scars can be annoying for extended periods of time. A dilute solution of Kenalog can often be injected which may alleviate the symptoms.

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