Should I Get a Breast Lift if I Plan on Having More Children?

This is what has happened to my once perky C cup breasts after one pregnancy and breast feeding for 7 weeks. I do know it is best to wait until after i have finished having kids but that may not be for another 7 odd years and i wont be getting pregnant for at least 3 years. Would it be completely silly of me to go ahead and have surgery now? I dont think i can go that long looking the way i do, especially as i am only 22, its becoming very damaging to my self confidence.

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Breast lift

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If you are thinking about having more children, you may want to delay having a breast lift until after that time. It is hard to predict what the breasts will look like after pregnancy.

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Breast lift during childbearing years

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You could have a lift now, but with the understanding that another pregnancy may require a second lift. If your skin is lax and did not snap back after the pregnancy, then you could reasonably expect to need a second operation. This is a matter of balancing your emotional needs with your finances and making a decision that is right for you.

Breast lift before done having children.

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There are a few points you need to consider if you are having a breast lift before you are done having children.  The first is that with some breast surgeries the ability to breast feed afterwards is not guaranteed.  Therefore if you absolutely must breast feed you should not have the surgery.  Also, you must understand that if you get pregnant again your breast shape will change with and after pregnancy.  You may need to have your lift repeated later on.  If you can accept these facts, then breast lift before you are done having children may be ok for you.

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Timing for breast lift

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Many women choose to have a breast lift because they know it will be several years before they are considering another pregnancy and they want to enjoy the results of an enhanced breast size and shape.     That said its impossible to determine prior to pregnancy and breast feeding just how your breasts will respond.  If you decide to proceed with a  breast lift now and your breast undergo significant changes during pregnancy and breast feeding, you may again be unhappy with the toll its takes on your breasts.  If thats the case then you would require revision breast lift surgery down the track.

Breast Lift Timing?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Yes, it is possible to have a breast lift now ( preferably when you have reached a long-term stable weight)  as long as you're well informed and understand the downsides associated with breast lifting surgery.

Issues such as scarring, breast asymmetry, potential loss of sensation, potential innovator breast-feed, and potentially for further surgery should be considered ( as some of the trade-offs of mastopexy surgery). Only after adequately considering the trade-offs can you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the surgery and/or the appropriate time to have the procedure done.

When the time is right, please make sure you are consulting with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

Should I Get a Breast Lift if I Plan on Having More Children?

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As long as you understand that you will likely need a secondary breast lift after future children, I would definately tell you to go for it!  There is no reason that you cannot enjoy perky breasts until you are ready for more children.

Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS
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Breast lift

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Just a couple of points. Cosmetic surgery, which is what you are talking about,  is a quality of life issue. It doesn't improve your health. You need to decide how important the advantages of having the lift is to you for the length of time you will have its benefits.  Only you candetermine that. If it is valuable to you for the three or four years before you have more children, then go do it. Your breasts are going to get less sagging with subsequent pregnancies. The other point is that it appears as if you are carrying extra weight. Get in the best possible lifestyle as far as diet and exercise and activity level and habits are concern. Achieve your most comfortable and stable level of fitness before you undergo body-conrouting procedures.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Breast lift before pregnancy!

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As long as you understand the risks, go for it!

Here are the risks;

1- Scarring - go for a procedure with less scarring - Lejour or Goes is best!

2- Plan for a second lift after your next child. Pick a procedure that can easily be redone - Lejour or Goes!

3-Breast feeding - lifts can affect your ability to breast feed through reduced milk production or loss of nipple sensation - in my experience, Goes lift has fewest breast feeding risks.

Good Luck!

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift and Pregnancy

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This is a decision that only you can make once you have all of the facts. You should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the procedure and help you when making this decision. Personally, I encourage most of my patients to wait until they are finished having babies.

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Breast contouring, #BreastAugmentation, #Breastlift, #mastopexy

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Dear emmajade18 in South Australia.

There is no one right answer.  This is about lifestyle and self-esteem.  Discuss the options, costs and risks with your Plastic Surgeon.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
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