Pain in back of both legs after Breats Augmentation: Could it be a blood clot?

I had breast augmentation 8 days ago and was told about the risk of blood clots. I have had pain for last 4 days in both legs on and off yesterday behind my left leg and today my right leg is this something to be worried about ie blood clots(no redness or swelling) or as I have back problems could it be having to sleep sitting up putting pressure on nerves or something. my nurse said probably due to the way I was lying on operating table as I have no redness or swelling that it was muscular

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See your surgeon ASAP

Please see your surgeon as soon as possible. This could be a sign of a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis). Best of luck.

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Pain in legs after surgery

Pain in the legs especially the calves just after surgery in my mind is a deep vein thrombosis until proven otherwise. You should immediately discuss this with your surgeon and figure out a plan with him.  

Steven Wallach, MD
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Could pain in both legs be a blood clot?

Although this is a possibility it is unlikely given the nature of this procedure.  The easiest way to sort this out is to have an ultrasound as has been mentioned.

?Blood clot after breast surgery??

Although uncommon, it can happen. The standard evaluation for this would be a doppler study of the leg veins, and this can be done at any vascular lab, though it must be ordered by a physician and scheduled. I would not write the symptoms off to positioning in the OR.

All the best. 

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Blood Clots

If you are worried about blood clots in your legs, it makes sense to have a duplex study to be certain whether you do. There is no harm in checking for this issue.

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