Pain Above Belly Button at Almost 4 Weeks PO from Tummy Tuck W/ MR?

I was stretching in my sleep this past week and felt an extremely sharp pain in my stomach, so sharp that I woke from a deep sleep. Since then the area has been tender to the touch, and even painful. I was standing more than usual yesterday, preparing different items in the kitchen. Today, the pain is quite apparent in this area above my Belly Button. Should I be concerned?

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Pain after abdominoplasty

Occasional pain after abdominoplasty is common, and it is not of concern unless it is severe and persistent. Presumably the type of pain you have is due to a stitch used to correct the diastasis cut through a little bit of abdominal muscle which then has to heal for several days.   If the pain is associated with signs of infection or swelling, or is constant, then it needs careful evaluation.

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Pain after abdominoplasty

This type of fleeting pain is very common and comes and gos.  It is usually of no concern.  It may represent a little adhesion tear or a stitch tear which is meaningless usually.  Should there be redness or bulging see your doctor immediately.  My Best   Dr C

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