Could laser treatment or microdermabrasion restore pigmentation and reduce the scarring on toes of an African American? (Photo)

After years of wearing poorly fitted shoes I have hideous scars/bumps on my toes that lack pigmentation. I use makeup to conceal but I need a permanent solution. Is there anything safe and effective in darker skin? Is this area even responsive to laser treatment.

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Treating color changes on the feet

Thank you for your question MrsMDB. Pressure from tight shoes can affect the color of the skin on the feet and toes. This is often more evident in darker skin types. The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes that do not cause pressure on the skin. Fractional laser treatment can be used to restore the color and texture of the skin. Erbium is preferred over CO2 in darker skin types. Multiple treatments are usually required and performed every eight weeks or so. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck?

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Bumps on Toes -- Knuckle Pads

These are scars that are from friction over time, typically nothing works well unless you get rid of the friction and soften the scars.  lasers, paring, injections can all be used.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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