Overweight Person Get a Brazilian Butt Lift ? (photo)

Can a person who is significantly overweight still get a brazlian butt lift? I have a wide sqaure butt without much volume and would like it rounded out and more pronounced... i have alot of fat in other areas that can be used

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Buttock Lift in Overweight Patient

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As with any body contouring procedure, you will have the most benefit from the procedure when you are closest to your ideal body weight.  Body contouring focuses on the relationships of one area to the next area of the body as a whole.  Thus, adding volume to one specific area of your body will not appear augmented when the remainder of the body is significantly overweight, since the liposuction component of the buttock augmentation will not significantly correct the remainder of the body.  You may want to consider weight reduction prior to a body contouring procedure.  Best wishes in achieving your goal.

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Can an Overweight Person Have the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Can the procedure be done?  Probably.  Is it the best way to proceed?   Definitely not.  When you are overweight, your risk of complications with surgery is significantly higher.   When a patient has a BMI over 30 (Obese) they have a higher complication rate.  When their BMI is over 40 (morbidly obese), their complication rate is significantly higher.  And, one of the complications I'm referring to is Blood Clots (DVT's) and Pulmonary emboli which can be fatal.  
I tell all of my patients.... Safety comes first.  If you intend to lose weight, lose it before surgery.  This is especially important when talking about the Brazilian Butt Lift because if you lose it afterwards, your butt will shrink! 

You must also have enough elasticity of your buttocks skin to accept more fat.

Another alternative is just liposuction to "Uncover" the buttocks which you already have.  This is done by liposuction around your waistline and thighs to make them smaller, leaving your buttocks the size that it is.  If you go to my photogallery, you can see a few cases where this was done. 
Dr M

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