Orthopedic Question - Can Limb Lengthening Correct Genu Varum Bow Legged. I Met with KU Director of Orthopedics?

I'm Asian. I'm short and bow-legged (genu varum). KU director of orthopedics X-rayed and confirmed this, with technical commentary. Since I'm also short, I'm wondering if limb lengthening can correct both. I want my legs and limbs to grow longer in a way that one side grows faster so that the end result is my limb is straight (kind of like heating a bent piece of steel made w/2 different metals). KU doesn't do limb lengthening.

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Lower leg genu varum

Thank you for your question about calf implants, correction of the genu varum and differential leg lengthening.

  • Differential leg lengthening can be a simple matter of joint replacement or a complex, staged orthopedic procedure,
  • You need to find an outstanding academic-affiliated orthopedic group to advise you,
  • How? Ask the KU orthopedist to give you the names of 3 such groups around the country that do this surgery. Contact them and ask to arrange a long-distance consultation,
  • If KU cannot help, find out the name of the Orthopedic group taking care of your nearest major sports team and contact them. Hope this takes you to the expert advice you need. Best wishes.

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Leg deformities

Plastic surgeons don't usually do leg lengthening procedures. Photos would be helpful to assess your needs.
Sometimes you can do a single calf implant medially to improve the appearance of the calf a lot, with a simple procedure. This will correct the appearance of bow-legs by increasing the volume of the calf medially. The scar is almost invisible, in the crease behind the knee. With leg lengthening the scars may be unacceptable for you.

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