How Painful is Calf Augmentation? Is This a Very Risky Kind of Procedure?

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How Painful is Calf Augmentation? Is This a Very Risky Kind of Procedure?

In general, calf augmentation is a safe procedure with infection, fluid collection and healing issues being some of the more common issues. The pain is due muscle spasm after surgery.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Calf augmentation risks

Thank you for asking about calf augmentation.

  1. Calf implants are the only way to predictably enlarge the lower legs.
  2. Pain is from muscle spasm. It lasts 2-4 weeks in women, 4-6 in men.
  3. Heeled shoes (e.g. clogs, high heels, boots) and stretches help the pain.
  4. Chief problem - most people want larger calf implants than their tissues allow. 
  5. Most people are pleased with their calf implants. Your surgeon should discuss risks, e.g. infection, compartment syndrome, before surgery. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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How Painful is Calf Augmentation? Is This a Very Risky Kind of Procedure?

Recent approach for calf implant is the endoscopic calf augmentation and  placing the implant under the muscle  is one of the key feature of endoscopic calf augmentation and this is usually strong enough to undergo the physical stress of sporting activities. After the surgery, you can expect to be walking without  any assistance. You can resume your normal daily activities after 2-3 weeks. Every procedure has some complication and long term complication of calf implants  are possible with calf implants and these are  hardness of the implants (capsular contracture), infection, and displacement.

Ercan Karacaoglu, MD
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Calf augmentation pain and risks

In my opinion calf augmentation with implants is the only reliable and effective method.  Indeed, like any surgery there is some pain (~ 2 weeks of difficulty walking) that usually resolves completely.  There are also some risks, such as infection (~ 5%), wound healing complications (~5%), nerve injury (<2%), as well as others even less common although nothing really life threatening as it relates directly to the implants.  The good news is, once all is said and done, most patients are satisfied with the results.  Because very few, even board certified plastic surgeons, perform this procedure, I recommend consulting with only someone that specializes in calf implants.  Glad to help...

Ryan Stanton, MD
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