Calf Implant Leaking/leaching Silicone into the Blood?

I have had a single calf implant for almost 10 years with no issues. I am wondering if there is a possibility of the implant breaking down over time and silicone getting into my bloodstream? I have used infrared saunas in the past (which I now know I should avoid), and have gone for massages and practitioners have massaged my implant. Please advise, I am concerned and wonder if I should take a blood test for silicone.

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Leaking silicone implants

Calf implants are made of soft solid silicone. They are not liquid and will not get into your blood stream. 

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Calf Implant Leaking/leaching Silicone into the Blood?

The implants approved in the US for calf augmentation should not disperse as they are solid.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Spectrum Design Medical and AART Calf implants will never leak

Thank you for your question.  I have been using the SpectrumDesignMedical and AART implants for several years now and those are very soft and pliable but solid silicone, hence they cannot leak.  I have  performed over 120 calf augmentation procedure since 2005.  The Brazilian calf implants (Silimed) are however cohesive gel, like our #breastimplants.  All implants get surrounded by a capsule of collagen that your body forms.  Should a gel implant rupture, the silicone is contained by the capsule itself.  No one studies showed any increased risk of diseases in patients with silicone gel implants.  If you are worried about a leak, an MRI study could be ordered by your plastic surgeon.  Ruptures of breast gel implants that were fabricated after 2000 are extremely rare.  Do you know if your calf implants were made by Silimed?  You can see my video on body implants.  Hope this reassures you!  Best, Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon Board-Certified.

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Calf implants

Maybe the implant can worn out and after 10 years be leaking, but I do not know any single case that the silicone goes to to bloodstream. Anyway you can be totally sure about how your implants is by means of ultrasound or MRI.

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Calf implant leaking?

Depending on the type of calf implants that were used, they may or may not be leaking.  Only semi-solid silicone rubber calf implants are FDA approved for use in the U.S.A.,  these cannot leak.  If you had silicone gel implants placed then it is possible for them to leak.  The best initial step is to see a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in this procedure for physical exam and possibly a referral then for an ultrasound and/or MRI to detect a leak.  A blood test is not a reliable modality to check for an implant leaking silicone gel.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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