53 yo Looking for options for loose skin on back, sides and under arm pits. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had no issues with weight entire life until hyperthyroid I lost lots of weight, then after RAI treatment became hypo and weight is now been issue for last 7 years, but stable. Skin has lost all elasticity and hangs on back and sides and underarm (pit, breast) Need options/suggestions. Unable to hide this in clothing any longer the rolls get way worst with clothing on and show through most shirts. HELP

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Flanks & Bra Bulges

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I completely understand where you're coming from, as such fat-pockets can be not only unsightly, but uncomfortable as well. Fortunately, there is a treatment that could help tremendously!

Smart Liposuction with body contouring can remove those areas of excess fat, while simultaneously tightening the skin in the process. This will reduce the amount of extra skin available and will remove that stubborn fat that has sunk into the pockets in your problem areas. Furthermore, that could be followed with laser skin tightening treatments for even more dramatic results. 

Consult with a professional who is familiar with these procedures.

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