My earring hole is red, swollen, and is crusty as well. What should I do? (Photo)

One day I had my earring in and my ear started to hurt so I took out the earring to take a look. It looks like my ear lobe tore a little bit but not a lot. My earlobe tore on my other ear but my plastic surgeon told me to let it heal because it was only a minor tear. When I took the earring out there was a white crust or something around the whole. I haven't really done anything to my ear since, I have just cleaned it with alcohol. What should I do?

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Ear lobe infection

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Hi thanks to share your pic.The pierced area looks red  inflamed and have to treat the infection with  topical and  broad spectrum oral  antibiotic coverage .Treat it  immediately to prevent the spread or from developing perichondritis.reconsider ear piercing only after the infection subsides completely.please do seek an in person consultation and get it treated immediately.

Tear of earlobe

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You might want to let it heal if it is irritated or torn a bit before putting a new earring back in. Best to be seen in person.

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