Will ear hole be removed without surgery? If any, what is the remedy? (Photo)

one of my ear holes has been bigger due to unconscious while two times holing. it looks like a big mark and it's imbalanced with comparison with other one. it looks bad. i would like to shrink or permanently close. is there any way without surgery? how can i make it narrow?

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Earlobe repair

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Seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon as pricing varies from surgeon to surgeon. Price can range from $400-$800. You will be able to re-pierce your ears 2 months after you have the earlobe repair done. Good luck, Dean Vistnes.

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Ear hole closure without surgery

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I am afraid I do not know of any way to get an enlarged ear lobe piercing to close without surgery. The hole is lined with skin and unless that skin is removed it will not close up.

Stretched earlobe piercing repair

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It is possible to remove an enlarged or stretched piercing.  The exact technique varies based on how large the piercing is as well as how close to the bottom edge of the earlobe it is located.

Based on the photograph you provided, a simple repair under local anesthesia in the office should be sufficient.  There is minimal downtime.  Sutures are typically removed within 1 week.  I typically wait about 6 weeks to re pierce the ear so that there is adequate time for healing.

David W. Rodwell III, MD
Charleston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Enlarged Earring Hole on Earlobe

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Dear Suraiya Sharmin~

Thank you for sharing your photo. When an earring hole is stretched out, it can be repaired by removing the enlarged hole and allowing it to heal. The earlobe is then pierced again at a different site. This procedure is done in the office under local anesthesia. On some occasions, the enlarged hole can be supported with filler. However, this can be a costly temporary solution that would likely only provide a small improvement.

Best wishes,

Amy Hsu

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