Is Pinhole Surgery for receding cums developed by Dr. Chao an effective, long lasting procedure? How expensive is it?

My questions is this a valid approach to fixing receding gum. I have many, many teeth that the roots are exposed. I have far too many teeth to have them grafted. Is this pinhole surgery an expensive procedure and how successful is this approach to fixing receding gums. I am desperate to fix my teeth and I have no dental insurance.

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Pin hole gum surgery

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The cost for the procedure is comparable to grafting.   Not that many clinicians are trained with pin hole surgical technique.  Therefore, the ones that have taken the time and invested in learning are providing a service that others can not. ...
for example, In Toronto area, 
as far as I know, i am the only Periodontist ( gum surgeon)  so far , that is certified by Dr Chao. 

As for the results, 

I always tell the patients ; 

- Traditional grafting procedure , with tissue taken from the palate is the "Gold standard" providing the best long lasting root coverage 

- next best option is using a tissue from a donor source 

- I reserve Pinhole as a last option ...

In my opinion ( and other periodontist colleagues) , it is not suitable for all patients. You need to have some of your own thick gum tissue available. .....

This technique is not new. In periodontal literature, techniques of mobilizing existing gum tissue to cover the roots have been documented over the past decades. The Literature Comparing it to graft , shows that graft always provides superior results. 

With Pinhole , I have achieved great results so far, however I have hand picked  cases that I believed would be successful

you will need to be evaluated and see if you are a candidate. Remember, it is Always better to treat recessions early to get the best results. 

You are in LA,  go see Dr Chao himself for evaluation 

Good luck. 

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Pinhole Surgery

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Pinhole surgery may not be a great option for you if you have that much recession. Most cases, after reviewing his site are not quite as severe as you are describing. However, I cannot make an accurate diagnosis without seeing at least one photograph of your gums' condition. You may also need X-rays to see if there is nothing wrong with the roots of your teeth and your jawbone.

Dr. Chao generally takes existing tissue and stretches it over the teeth in question. Even though you stated you can't have grafting, your case may require at least some, either with tissue harvested from your mouth, donor tissue, or synthetics. I would speak to a periodontist regarding your gum health and other issues that may be happening in your mouth before making any decisions. Many offer free or low-cost consultations. I know that lack of insurance can be a liability, but most doctors now have some form of financing that can help you pay for any treatments you may require.

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