Which surgery is most successfully in growing back gums?

I had combination of pinhole surgery and gum graft a year ago. However after the surgery, the gums didn't elongate back to the original height as much as I would have liked. The periodontist who explained this is in part because the gums will only cover the tooth as much as there is bone support. Ideally, I would like the gums to to cover the teeth by another 2mm. Is there any type of surgery or new advancement that could improve my "long in the tooth" appearance? I have heard about Rejuvagum.

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Gum Tissue

Hi, thank you for your question. I see that you are having concerns with the end result of your procedure. Gum regrowth and rejuvenation has been performed for many many years in periodontics. From the procedures you have mentioned, a healing time of at least three months to 6 months is needed to identify the true success of what you had completed. At one years time the tissue is mature and the areas can be evaluated for further grafting if necessary. You can graft directly to root structure that is denuded of bone but there are limiting anatomical factors that can prevent complete root coverage. There are advancements on a yearly basis with techniques and materials, so please continue to visit with your periodontist so he can assess if there continues to be any changes with the amount of tooth exposed or the position of the gum graft. Best of luck!

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