What size implant would give me a D/DD cup? (Photo)

It's extremely important to me I'm able to wear the shirts/blouses I currently own. Most are size S/M. So the ending cup size id like to be at is a double D. I'm currently a big B/small C. And was initially thinking 425/450cc... But now I'm thinking that will put me at a triple D, are there any professional opinions out there of a CC range that will keep me at the D/DD bra size ? Thank you!

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Cannot predict.

Hello gabby252. Those sizes sound very reasonable to me, but there is no way to predict without a good examination. As far as sizing in my practice, this is how we do it:

1) My philosophy includes guiding patients to explore reasonable options for breast implant size, usually two to three similar sizes, which allows the patient to visualize how different volumes affect their breast cup.

2) The best guide for a final breast implant size recommendation is derived using measurements from the patient’s own breasts and chest.

3) When measurements are considered then options for sizes can be presented.

4) I use the Mentor Volume Sizing System of breast sizers to demonstrate how these different volumes will look on a patient’s body.

5) This methods offers good reliability and is simple to use, but is not perfect.

Remember, bigger is not always better. Best,


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No way to predict clothing size from breast augmentation

You need to redirect your research to getting the result and look you want and then find out what "size" clothes fit that best. Nobody can give you a guarantee that any particular implant will give you clothes sizes you want.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Cup size

Some body dimensions and better photographs would be beneficial in answering this question. Bra sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  I would recommend trying the implants on at your board certified plastic surgeons office.

Arthur M. Cambeiro, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question.  That is a hard question to answer as bra size is not standardized.  The size of a bra can change depending on the maker of the bra just as in clothes.  It is best during your consultation to try on sizers and see what size you like the best.   Try not concentrate on a number or a cup size.  It will make your decision much easier if you try on the sizer and see how you look and what you like on your body.  In the end it doesn't really matter what bra size you wear if you are happy with the way that you look both in and out of clothes.

Best of luck,

Dr. Peter Newen

Peter Newen, MD
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Implant size

Implants in the 450 to 500 cc range should make you a D cup and should work fine.  However, I would not go any larger than 500 cc's.  Women with overly large implants are likely to regret them later on.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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What size implant do I need for a D cup?

About every 120-150cc in implant size translates into one cup size so you can judge by that. I would recommend going a little larger for they do settle(become smaller) over a years time. 

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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What size implant would give me a D/DD cup?

You look like a good candidate for a breast augment and should certainly be able to meet your D/DD goal. But as to implant size, that would take an examination.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Size

Thank you for your question about breast augmentation.

The selection of an appropriate breast implant size for you depends largely on your breast base width diameter.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Good sizing systems available for breast augmentation.

There's too much subjectivity in choosing a breast implant size based on cup size. There are very good sizing systems that can actually be quite precise.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing the ideal breast augmentation volume

There is no way to predict what a specific breast implant volume will do on any individuals frame. In addition, choosing your breast augmentation goals based upon cup size is very unreliable. You may find currently that you're different cup sizes in different bra manufacturers. This makes the decision to base a scientific procedure on a unstandardized measurement very unwise. Make an effort to communicate with your surgeon to best achieve your goals. And don't set your expectations to fit a particular item of clothing, rather choose the ultimate endpoint that will make you the most happy.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through an in-person consultation.
Best of luck,
Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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