What Options Are There for a Woman in Her 20s with a Weak Profile and Jawline That is Not Caused by Fat?

I was planning on getting liposuction to this area but after several consultations, it seems that there is only minimal fat in this area and that my weak jaw line and double chin are caused by genetics that mean the muscle in my neck has no angle and so I have no contour. The doctors tht I have seen only offer liposuctiosoon this area so could only offer to try the lipo to see if it made a difference. I'm really disappointed because it really bothers me, do I have any other options.?

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Most likely need a chin augmentation

From your description it sounds like you would be a candidate for a chin implant / chin augmentation.  This would correct  your weak chin and give you a more elegant neck line.  Of course, an examination would be needed to give you the appropriate advice.

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Slim Lipo or laser assisted liposuction

even in cases where there is not much fat to be removed or melted with laser assisted liposuction you can still contour and improve the profile to some degree. Without a photograph it's hard to tell you much but I'm sure you have options for improvement the question that you have to answer for yourself and your surgeon will help you with this is is a good be enough to satisfy you? Do you need a chin implant? Is true surgical intervention your only option?. Many of the before and after you see on my website or in my YouTube videos depict people who did not have actual surgery but used a technology called Slim Lipo. This is a laser assisted liposuction so you get both traditional liposuction (which in your case apparently would be minimal) along with the laser treatment underneath the skin. This should not be thought of as some whimsical magical noninvasive laser treatment. It is still a surgery and it still carries with it risks and downtime. It can be done easily under local anesthesia and I find that the patient satisfaction my office is very high and I think the same satisfaction rate would be found here on realself.com. At the web link below there is a young woman who has surgical markings on her face with a before-and-after who had liposculpture with Slim Lipo along with a chin implant. If I had to guess since you two are of similar age perhaps you look something like her.


I hope that was helpful  Chase Lay, MD

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Contour your jaw line

You can always try Smartlipo of the submental; this will help to contour your jawline giving it a more distinguished look. Please advise with your surgeon to see what treatment is best for you.

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Neck left for poor jawline and weak chin profile

  A chin implant is placed when there is a poor projection of the mandible to give better facial balance and more chin projection.  There are two fatty deposits present in the neck, these are sub-platysmal fat and sub-mental fat. Both types of fat must be removed along with a platysma-plasty to fully address rejuvenation  of the neck and giving a new neck contour. please see the link below for examples of neck lifts and chin implants in  our photo gallery

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What Options Are There for a Woman in Her 20s with a Weak Profile and Jawline That is Not Caused by Fat?

     Depending upon your anatomy and physical exam, a neck lift in which a small submental incision is made can be used to remove fat above and below the platysma, the platysma can be tightened and a small amount of skin can be removed as well if necessary.  Though you are young, this is sometimes what produces the best result.  Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of facelifts and facial procedures each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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