How Do I Replace Lost Enamel and Whiten my Teeth? (photo)

I have very little enamel, in fact at the age of 19 my dentist told me my teeth where that of a 50 year olds. I don't smoke, don't drink often, I drink tea sporadically, and used to drink lots of coffee but not anymore. My teeth hurt even when I drink room temp water or when air hits them. I'd like to know how I can maybe artificially replace the lost enamel as well as make them as white as possible without damaging any more enamel. I've looked into lumineers and such but want more options.

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Lost Enamel and Repair Options

Most important is determining the cause of the enamel loss at such a young age. It could be eating acidic fruits and holding them in your mouth, drinking excessive carbonated beverages, or acid reflux. Lumineers or another minimal prep veneer technique is an option. I would prefer composite bonding at your young age. That would cost about half and would last about 8 years at which time a more permanent solution would be appropriate. Good luck to you.

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Replacing lost enamel

My biggest concern is why you have enamel issues at such a young age.  I would not worry about whitening your teeth until the reason is controlled.  Due to your young age I would prefer bonding prior to move extensive treatment like veneers. 

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How do I replace lost enamel and whiten teeth?

Porcelain veneers are definitely the best option to regain your teeths vitality.  Thats what porcelain veneers do!  They replace the enamel layer and they make your teeth any color you choose.  Lumineers may be too thin to get the whitest color as other veneers can hold color better.  Good luck. Dr. David Frey

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