Hole in front tooth, what type of procedure is required? Just a filling? (photos)

Noticed a hole in my front tooth a few weeks ago. I work 7 days a week been putting in 50 plus hours a week hardly any time to see a dentist how serious is this? A few friends and family members told me a dentist would just put a filling in the tooth to seal it

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Hole in front tooth

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By the time you can see a cavity, it could be quite large. The surface of the cavity is usually much smaller and it spreads to the inside of the tooth. This is why people have root canals.  The tooth does not hurt until the cavity reaches the nerve. Sometimes it will not hurt at all and then the tooth will break. 

Call and schedule an appointment with a dentist!  You will need an X-ray of that tooth also.  If you have this cavity, you may have others you do not know about!

Cavity in your tooth

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What your seeing is a cavity on the side of the tooth. It can be easily restored with a tooth colored filing and you won't be able to tell it's there! Take care of it sooner than later so it doesn't become a bigger problem for you. It won't take a long time to fix. 

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