When can I start walking on treadmill after Mommy Makeover?

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op having some healing problems around incision should i be on treadmill

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Use of treadmill after Mommy makeover

Absolutely need to ask your surgeon's advise on this. What I tell my patients is that I prefer them to walk outside, not on a treadmill. Falling on a treadmill could cause serious injury so soon after surgery. Walking outside, not too briskly, is much easier on the body. I allow walking right away and in fact encourage it. But it's important to do things in moderation and gradually build up. Not overdo it. 

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Get specifics from your PS.....

The exact timing of when to return to exercise after surgery varies widely depending on the specific surgery, patient health, and healing process.  I would definitely recommend you ask your surgeon about his/her restrictions and follow those closely.  In general, I tell people to lay low for the first week following surgery.  Simply moving around the house will be hard enough at first.  After the first week, walking is strongly encouraged beginning at a slow pace and only advancing faster as you feel up to it.  Actually getting on a treadmill should wait for at least two weeks (and then still at a slow to moderate rate).  In your case, the wound healing issues must be taken into consideration as well.  A long stride or twisting motion would put more strain on your incisions and should be avoided.  At 2.5 weeks, you certainly can be walking, but at your next checkup get specifics from your surgeon. 

Mommy makeover aftercare

After a mommy makeover, it takes time for the implants to settle (if you got implants) and it takes time for the swelling to resolve. This can take up to 6 months so I don't usually recommend any revisions for that time. Specific questions about problems with the surgery are usually best directed to the plastic surgeon who performed your surgery. Thanks for your question!


Please talk to your plastic surgeon who is most familiar with your procedure.  I advise no heavy lifting or strenuous activity (including the treadmill) for 5 weeks after mommy makeover procedures.

Post Mommy Makeover

Definitely a question I would ask your plastic surgeon as everyone has a different opinion and a reason for that opinion. How you heal in the first several weeks can also impact the decisions. Check with you plastic surgeon for specifics. Best wishes, Dean Vistnes.

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Walking and exercise following mommy makeover

In my Raleigh, NC practice I advise patients to wait at least four weeks following mommy makeover to resume exercise.  My recommendation would always be to follow the advice of your own plastic surgeon. He or she would be most familiar with your individual progress following mommy makeover.

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When can I start walking on treadmill after Mommy Makeover?

Your surgeon will advise you what is safe based science and their experience.  In my practice, I stress to my patients that walking is extremely important to avoid life threatening complications like blood clots in the legs that may travel to the lungs.  However, too much exercise can cause harm to healing process.  I have found that slow walking for 10-15 minutes in a controlled environment (not on a treadmill) three times a day (spaced 4 hours apart) has been excellent.  I do not recommend vigorous exercise of any sort for 6 weeks after an abdominoplasty.  The risk is that the strong core muscles can loosen the corset effect at the midline.  Good question.  

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When can I start walking on treadmill after Mommy Makeover?

If you are having problems with healing, check with your surgeon before working out  on a treadmill.  In most cases early ambulation after a mommy makeover is a good idea, but if you are having wound healing problems your surgeon may want you to wait a while.  Best wishes, Dr Lepore.

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Exercise after mommy makeover is determined by your own surgeon.

You would be permitted to walk on a treadmill as soon is able after a mommy makeover in my practice. However, it is the responsibility of your own surgeon to prescribed postoperative activity.

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Use of the treadmill after mommy makeover

It is crucial that you follow the specific advice of your plastic surgeon who performed your mommy makeover.  Especially if you're having won't healing problems on your abdomen I would avoid using the treadmill and vigorous physical activity until you're healing has improved.

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