My doctor told me to change my aligners every 7 days. Isn't this too fast?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday. I have 38 trays to complete. The orthodontist group I see is a Top 1% provider. They recommend their Invisalign patients to change their aligners every 7 days instead of every 14 days as recommended by Invisalign. I was told they have treated thousands of patients this way & in their experience there is no benefit to wearing an aligner more then 7 days. I have 8 crowns on my molars so I am concerned they movement will be too fast. Is this safe?

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Dear ctaylor66062,

Thank you for posting your question on Real Self.  I will do my best to address your concern with the information provided.

It isn't abnormal to instruct 7 day aligner wear.  It depends on how the case is set up and what tooth movements are happening.  You may have more aligners and wearing each of them half of the time.  Same end result.  I suggest setting up a consult with another orthodontist for a second opinion.  They can review your Clinchek and give you their opinion.

I hope that this helps and good luck!

Dr. Jenn

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There is no danger at all to the crowns.  They move just like regular teeth.  As a top 1% myself, I would say changing every week is fine so long as you only have them out to eat and brush.  22 hours a day without fail.  If you can't do that then plan on two weeks per tray.

Robert L. Knudson, DDS
Seattle Dentist

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