What size butt implants would I need? 5'8 120lbs (Photo)

What size butt implants would I need to get a look similar to the wish pic? & what size would you recommend for my size in general? I'm almost 5'8 120lbs 13.4 measurement, Dr will do sub fascial or intra muscular depending on the size I choose.

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What size butt implants would I need? 5'8 120lbs

   Intramuscular implants tend to produce a result that is less likely to have complications.  The sizing will vary based upon manufacturer, size, shape, and amount of projection you want.  I have sample sizers in the office that are helpful in making this decision for the patient.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Butt implants size

Hello, thank you for your question and the pics. The size has to be selected not only from how bigger do you want your buttocks, but also, taking measurements, as the implant can't be bigger than the gluteus maximus muscle. That's because I use the intramuscular technic where the implant is placed inside the muscle, and I use oval implants placed obliquely along the fibers of the muscle. Keep in mind that also, the added volume should go with your thigh volume, as you do not want a very big buttock with skinny thighs. 

Jose Leon, MD
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