Is it possible to replace the crown on a dental implant? (Photo)

I've had my dental implant for 3 years now and I have never liked the way the crown looks. It's just terrible looking. Completely unnatural and doesn't match any of my teeth. It's grey looking and much shorter than my other front tooth. I can't go 5 minutes without wishing my fake tooth looked natural. I try to smile as little as possible nowadays. So I was just wondering if it's possible to replace the crown on a dental implant.

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Yes there is a solution for your front tooth.

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Always the front tooth , central incisor will be the more complicated tooth to restore.
But you can try zirconium crown this will help the final layout, so it will look more natural, not necessarily if you have an implant it needs to look more grey, there are different options for your restoration. I hope this helps.

Replacement Of Dental Implant Crown

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Yes, the crown can be replaced quite easily. A well done implant crown should satisfy both esthetics and function requirements. A dental crown should look natural and no one should know it is even there. I would recommend a 2nd opinion in your area.

Marielaina Perrone, DDS
Henderson Dentist


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I agree with you the aesthetics of you existing crown are not very good.  It can certainly be replaced.  It may need a custom abutment so that the tooth appears to emerge from the gums at the same angle as the other teeth.  If it is screw retained that can also be done.  Good luck

Michael J. Landry, DDS
Houston Dentist

The simple answer

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The simple answer is yes. The part of the implant  that is above the gums that  the crowns sits on is called an implant abutment. That may or may not be changed depending upon the clinical evaluation of the treating dentist. To get an implant crown that looks natural requires an extraordinary dental technician as well as a great cosmetic dentist that can give the laboratory the information and records needed for your case to be a success.. Depending where you live go to a cosmetic dentist that works with Ultimate Styles laboratory. That is my recommendation. I think that you will be very  happy with the result. Be prepared to pay BMW prices :)  It seems that this is what you are looking for.  Best of luck!

New crowns on existing implants are common

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The process is similar to before if replacing the abutment as well, or if the crown is "screw retained".  In some cases it is more simple, as the abutment may be left in place and a simple impression is taken. After two visits, the new crown is done (since the implant is already in place, there is no waiting like there was when you started treatment).

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