How Helpful is the Usage of a Pneumatic Pump/circulation Legs Straps During or After Surgery?

I will have a tummy tuck and about 300cc of fat transfer to each buttock to reshape them (not to enlarge them dramatically) I am 40 in good health, not overweight or a smoker. What extra measures should I take to prevent these serious complications? specially with a fat emboli. thank you !

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Fat embolus

The risk is more for blood clots in the legs as opposed to fat emboli.  Most plastic surgeon use sequential compression stocking during surgery and in the recovery room to regent clots.  If fact, this precaution is considered standard of care at this point.

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Prevent DVT

Hi Bikini M. Good question. I believe that the use of SCD's (sequential commpresion devices) is a must and madatory to try to prevent dvt (deep vein thrombosis) from forming. In fact putting them on and having them pump in the holding area prior to surgery reduces the chances even more. As far as fat emboli are concerned, staying away from large vessels is important. Using blunt tipped cannula is essential as well. Good luck.

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DVT Prevention During Surgery

DVT Prevention During Surgery -

Pumps should be standard. You can check on your risk factors, but it sounds like you are healthy.

Ted stockings, walking immediately after surgery and every day after will help.

Fat emobli are different than veins.

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Pneumatic Leg Pump During and After Surgery

The purpose of pneumatic leg pumps is to prevent you from developing a DVT or deep vein thrombosis during surgery. It is a thrombosed vein in your legs or pelvis that can subsequently embolize to your lungs which is potentially fatal. The pneumatic leg pumps do not prevent fat emboli which is relatively rare complication, but can happen during fat transfer. The use of pneumatic leg pumps during tummy tuck surgery is now basically the standard of care. Given that you often don't move around much afterwards we always send our tummy tuck patients home with this device to use for at least several days after surgery.

Braden C. Stridde, MD
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