I am 3 weeks post op today and have done great, however over the past 5 days or so I've had very sharp pins and needles pain

I've got redness under my breasts and along scar lines. I only used pain pills the first few days and Advil if I needed since. My breasts feel super sensitive, even if I'm just wearing a light tshirt and it is rubbing across my breasts, it's very bothersome. I've been sitting and holding a pillow across my chest to avoid any type of friction at all. I'm hoping I don't have an infection as this whole process has gone so well, I'd hate a setback now. Thank you for you input.

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Sharp pins and needles pain in breasts 3 weeks post-op.

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Swelling is certainly diminishing at this point in your recovery, and de-stretching sensory nerves send signals to your brain. These sensory inputs are commonly described as pins and needles, ants crawling, electric shocks, "zingers," and the like. All are normal and thankfully, temporary. Resolution can take a few weeks, however, so don't be concerned that this isn't a quick "back to normal."

Infection is a common concern, but a very rare occurrence. Unless you have an increase in redness, swelling, pain, and purulent drainage, followed by fevers and chills when things get out of hand, you don't have an infection. The "super sensitivity" is those pesky nerves recovering! And, BTW, infection is a huge setback (as in implants removed) so follow instructions about contact with pets (cats especially), bathing, swimming, and incision care.

Sounds as if you are doing great except for the hypersensitivity. That is pretty common and nothing to worry about. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Pin and needle pain

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Hello and thank you for your question Moryco.
It is difficult to diagnose the redness of your scars and the possibility of an incision infection because there are no photos to examine. I recommend an in-person consult with your plastic surgeon to get an accurate diagnostic of that situation. 

This "pin and needles" sensation is reported by many in the 3-6 week post operation timeline and from what you describe sounds like the nerve regeneration in your breast which is typical after breast augmentation. If you are still concerned over the next few days - try to see your plastic surgeon to ensure all is healing well.

Best wishes 

Traci Temmen, MD 
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Traci Temmen, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Very sharp pins and needles pain

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It is very common following surgery from about 3 to 8 weeks postoperatively to get strange sensations including hypersensitivity, lightning bolts, pins and needles and such. Often this is the feeling that one gets when nerves are coming back from being bruised and stretched. It is unlikely to be an infection without any other findings. Usually infections would also have redness, discharge, swelling and such. Check with your surgeon with a good exam may reassure you that this is normal healing.

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