Is there a time frame after childbirth you should wait to have CoolSculpting done on your body? (photos)

I am a mom of two and currently three months postpartum. I have already lost 35lbs of my baby weight through diet and exercise but have 10-12 additional pounds I would like to lose. I would love to have my belly, flanks and possibly my inner thighs CoolSculpted. Will I achieve optimal results this soon after childbirth or should I give my body more time? Also, does removing fat cells by CoolSculpting effect your milk supply while breastfeeding?

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Is there a time frame after childbirth you should wait to have CoolSculpting done on your body?

Thank you for your question. Breastfeeding is a contraindication for CoolSculpting. You may have CoolSculpting after breastfeeding if you are a good candidate. I would also recommend being at your ideal weight before undergoing the treatment as this will give you the best results. Regards, 

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CoolSculpting Postpartum

Congrats! You are already at a good weight and doing well. I would wait a year to let your body heal. Also, if you are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to have the CoolSculpting procedure. We have a lot of moms that take that first year to bounce back and then re-assess if it makes sense to treat at the year mark. 

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Cool Sculpting and Child Birth

I would wait up to a year for safety and to see how your body looks once you are healed. You are already at a nice weight. If you feel like you want to do something earlier maybe you could do love handles or a different area but I would wait on the abdomen. If you are breast feeding also, you should not do cool sculpting. 

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Cool Sculpt Following Pregnancy

I would highly recommend giving yourself about a year following birth of your child before putting a suction based applicator on the abdomen. You need time to heal and are doing a great job and getting back your ideal weight which in turn will help you seek improvement when the time is medically right. 

Cool Sculpt after pregnancy

At our practice we tell our new moms to wait almost a year. The abdomen needs time to heal and putting a suction based applicator on a healing abdomen in my opinion is a bad idea. You need time to heal first, loose your weight, then see how your skin is about a year out. Remember to go a reputable place for your evaluation!

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Coolsculpting After baby

As long as you are now within a few pounds of your idea weight you should be a good candidate.  If you still have more weight to lose then I would wait and give it some more time.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Non surgical fat reduction post partum

There are several new techniques to reduce fat non surgically with no down time and no anesthesia.  These techniques should be utilized when your weight is STABLE!  No problem using them after giving birth or post partum as long as you are at a stable weight.  CoolSculpting, and the newest technique, SculpSure, will decrease on average 25% of the targeted area.  The new treatment method, SculpSure is the world's first laser FDA indicated for non surgical fat reduction.  It is quicker (25 minutes) than CoolSculpting, less painful during and after the treatment and is much more flexible in treating targeted areas.  I would suggest you investigate SculpSure before you sign up for CoolSculpting, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck!

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