What Are the Odds of Contour Deformities with Zeltiq CoolSculpt?

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Smooth results from Coolsculpting

We've been using the Zeltiq Coolsculpting in our office for well over a year and treated a wide range of areas, body types, etc and we've NEVER seen any contour irregularities.  All of our patients have had a smooth, even reduction in the areas treated.   (Most require more 2-3 treatments to achieve the reduction they desire)

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Cool Sculpting causing a count our deformity

Cool sculpting can lead to a contour deformity if it is done in an area where the fat distribution is misunderstand such as the inner thigh.

Deformities with CoolSculpting

Contour deformities and depressions are very rare with CoolSculpting but can occur.  The design of the suction and cooling plates are such that a tapered effect rather than a cookie cutter punch should be achieved.

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Does coolsculting cause contour changes?

Hi, Unlike liposuction where the fat is suctioned out and removed in a rapid process. Cool sculpting is a slow even freezing of the fat in the area treated. Because the fat cells and fat are gradually removed by your own body over the next two months, there are no cases of contour irregularity. Best, Dr. Liu

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Zeltig for Fat

Zeltig works well for fat without typically causing any epidermal change and thus I have not heard of contour deformities. It is possible to see some asymmetry in terms of response of fat to treatment.

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Contour deformities slim.

The odds of contour deformities are quite slim and your physician should have an aesthetic eye to make sure everything is done in proportion.

Contour Deformities with coolsculpting

If the coolsculpting is performed an expert coolsculpting center under appropriate supervision of a board certified physician then it is unlikely to have contour deformities with coolsculpting.

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Coolsculpting Evenly Distributes

                  It’s unusual to have contour irregularities following coolsculpting because the techniques evenly distributes cold to the involved areas. Rarely, asymmetry can occur when the applicator head is applied in an asymmetric manner.

                  In the short term, asymmetry is usually always related to differential swelling and usually resolves spontaneously. It’s important to realize that it may take 3-4 months to see the final result following coolsculpting and that multiple treatments may occasionally be needed. 

Low risk of contour deformities with Zeltiq

  • Zeltiq CoolSculpting is an exceptional tool for removing localized, fat deposits.  There are few side effect, and patients find they can return to work or either the afternoon of their procedure - at the latest the next day.
  • Contour deformities are very rarely occur from a CoolSculpting treatment.  CoolSculpting uses a slow, even freezing of the fat in a treatment area.  Since the fat cells are gradually dissolved, they are slowly removed by your own body over the next 4-8 months.  This leaves no irregularities or contour issues on the area. 
  • Liposuction is where the fat is suctioned out and removed in a rapid process.  The speed of this invasive technique does have the possibility for leaving contour deformities, where too little or too much fatty tissue were removed. 

You should not have contour deformities after Zeltiq

Unlike liposuction which is invasive and can cause dimpling or contour deformities, Coolscuplting by Zeltiq freezes the fat in a specific area and does not have those side effects.  Because the fat and the skin surrounding it shrinks uniformly you have none of those potential side effects.

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