Brown Flat Mole Removal on Asian Skin? (photo)

I have several brown flat moles on my face. I have consulted specialists about laser removal but most of them recommended surgical procedures. I wasn't born with them, they started appearing when I was around 10-12 years old. What procedure would be best for me? Would it be permanent?

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Mole removal

Mole removal is a simple procedure. The photos that you posted are difficult to assess if these are small sun spots or moles. If they are moles than removing them may still leave behind the pigment cells and not effectively remove them. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in Asian skin and moles. 

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Mole removal on Asian skin

I feel that it is never appropriate to use a laser as your primary treatment for removing a mole. Regardless of how "benign" a mole may appear, a biopsy may still reveal it to be atypical. There are many ways to surgically remove a mole with a minimal scar and have tissue to send for microscopic examination which is the only way to ensure that it was benign. Using a laser to "destroy" a mole will alter its look and make it more difficult to observe for precancerous changes in the future. Plus, I'm not convinced that a laser will even give the best cosmetic result.
The majority of flat moles on the face can be removed very easily, and less expensively, using a shave biopsy technique. This typically results in a minimal scar, making the mole much less visible. It also has the added benefit of having tissue to send for microscopic examination, at least for reassurance purposes.

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