Can this deep plane face and necklift be corrected? Extremely painful and looking disfigured. (photo)

Ears stitched and uneven. Neck looks horrible with excessive and painful banding from jaw to jaw and pulled too tight when try to lift neck while center of neck has loose skin. Unable to spend more than an hour in a prone position as neck becomes too painful . I am done with the PL who thinks this is a good result despite the fact that I cannot function normally

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Deep plane facelift

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Thank you for your question.  I agree with the other posters in that your skin appears to have a significant amount of sun damage and that can be contrinuting to the result.  If the surgery was 4 months ago, I would allow more time for healing and consider laser resurfacing in the meantime.  All the best!!

Too tight and too loose

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Thanks for posting your question. One of the benefits of a true deep plane lift is that there should be minimal tension on the skin. This leads to to ideal result of a rejuvenated neck but a natural appearance. I would suspect that given your pictures the skin has been put on too much tension. in addition - you clearly have a lot of sun damage and loss of elasticity of the skin from prior to to surgery. More surgery at this point (3 months out) is not the solution 9although it may be required down the road) I would suggest a series of fractional lasers to help smooth the skin and potentially improve booth the look and feel of the neck. Then as you approach the 10-12 month mark you may elect for a revision procedure to help take the tension off the skin but truly lifting the deep plane

Neck and face lift

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Based on these photos I agree that you should have a more satisfactory result after face/neck lift surgery. Part of the problem is your skin which doesn't have much of elasticity; it doesn't conform to underlying bone and soft tissue framework and maintains wrinkles along the tension (pull) lines. You may expect this condition to improve up to 6 months after surgery and  too tight neck to relax. However, you may need some revision by means of skin redistribution, release of earlobes, possibly fat grafting to improve overall result. A second opinion consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with good reputation in facial rejuvenation would help. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 19 reviews

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Facelift question

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I am sorry you are having a difficult time.  First, my answer to you is "it depends"  If the surgery was done within the last 6 months, I would wait.  The tightness and irregularities may improve with time.  If not, I would ask your surgeon about SPECIFIC concerns you have.  If he/she does not respond with a plan, then I agree find one who will.  Sometimes, non operative modalities can address contour issues.  Laser, ultherapy, or other appraoches may work.  Ask a board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck

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