Will Taping my Stomach Along with Wearing my Compression Garment (Faja) Make my Stomach Flatter?

I had a full TT w/ lipo of flanks, back n waist 8wks ago but my stomach isn't as flat as I thought it would be & at 8wks I'm getting kind of anxious.I do have seroma n I've been getting aspirated and wearing my compression garment all day/night but my belly/back still looks big,I can't tell if my bck is swollen or if this is my new look.I want to know if taping my stomach on top of my faja give the pressure needed to create better results flattening my midsection or is this just wasted effort?

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Taping & Compression Garment

Seromas need to be apirated until they stop recurring. Compression after aspiration is helpful.  Taping over a garment is unlikely to have any impact on the final result.  Your results are dependent on your preop status as well as the surgery you had performed. Garments do not affect the final outcome, they just improve your comfort and swelling. All the best.

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Will Taping my Stomach Along with Wearing my Compression Garment (Faja) Make my Stomach Flatter?

As always, photos would help us give more specific advice. Since you have had seromas, there is no way to tell on line if you do or do not have some combination of swelling and seroma.  At two months some persistent swelling would be expected. If you have had seromas in the past, there may still be fluid. 

These questions can be answered best by your surgeon. All the best. 

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Taping for flatness?

Hello and thanks for posting your concerns. Perhaps posting photos would have been helpful. However, at 2 months since surgery I would expect that you are still swollen. I tell my patients it may take 1 year before all the swelling fully dissipates. Talk to your PS about any advice they might have with regards to your concerns. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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