Does Having a Full Tummy Tuck Make Your Boobs Sag or Appear More Low Slung? Serious Question?

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Does Having a Full Tummy Tuck Make Your Boobs Sag

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The downward pull during an abdominoplasty is limited to the abdomen. The lower border breast has an attachment to the chest wall at the breast fold. This is quite secure and is not interrupted by the dissection is done during an abdominoplasty.You should not expect any change in appearance of your breasts.

Thank you for your question, best wishes. An in person consultation with a plastic surgeon should provide you with the best possible answers to your questions.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Does a tummy tuck make your boobs sag?

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On the other hand, imperfections of your boobs may bother you more once your tummy is fixed. It's sort of like redecorating your living room. After you get new carpet, you may want new drapes!

Breasts and Tummy Tuck

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Having a tummy tuck will not change or alter the breasts in any way. It can make the breasts look larger because the stomach is flattened with the tummy tuck.

Full tummy tuck will not cause breast to sag

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With a full tummy tuck, only the abdominal skin excess will move south, not your breast. There is no reason to fear that your breast will hang lower or sag more after your tummy tuck. Of course, you might notice your breast more if your tummy is set straight.

Tummy tuck surgery will not lower the appearance of the breast

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The simple answer is no.  After tummy tuck surgery your overall perception of your appearance will change (hopefully for the better).  This will alter your view of your breasts appearance to some degree, but no actual change occurs due to the fixed nature of the inframmamary crease at the base of the breast.  Thats the serious answer.

Neil Gottlieb, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Breasts Change with Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for the thoughtful question.

Generally speaking, tummy tuck surgery does not significantly change the position of the breasts. The inframammary fold area for most patients is quite firmly adherent and does not move inferiorly  for most patients undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

Make sure you address your specific questions/concerns with your plastic surgeon as well.

Best wishes.

Tummy tuck and breasts

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Having an abdominoplasty should not affect the position or appearance of your breasts. The change in your abdomen may make them appear different, but the procedure does not really change them.

Tummy tuck

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a tummy tuck should have no effect on the position of your breasts. the breast are attached to the chest wall through different attachments that are not released with a tummy tuck

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Any TT makes boobs descend/ cualquier lipectomia abdominal no hace descender las mamas

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it is not  influenced the  abdominal disection up to  breasts to cause any boobs descend.

cualquier lipectomia abdominal no tiene que ver con el futuro descenso de ambas mamas

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Having a tummy tuck does not pull your breasts down

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This is a very common question and certainly deserves an explanation.  The reason pulling the skin of the abdomen down does not affect your breasts is that there is a very firm attachment to the chest at the inframammary fold of your breasts.  This fibrous attachment keeps the breast from being pulled into the upper abdomen as the abdominal skin is stretched.

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